Welcome to the Divine Scientist Blog!

This blog is dedicated to the discussion of the creations of God and the science thereof.  We will look into many branches of science and learn how the complexity and beauty of God’s creations testify of His reality, and we may even learn some lessons about Him through His handiwork.

This work has been years in the making, and this is the first attempt to combine these thoughts, which I consider to be inspired of God, into one place and make them available to others.  In reality, these thoughts will at some point be compiled, expounded upon, and written into book format.  This blog is just the beginning of a great work to come.

It is often the case that when people in our day learn more about science, they tend away from a belief and trust in God.  They feel that because they understand how the world around them works that it could not have been a God-like being that created them but feel that they came about by some other natural means.  This blog will endeavor to demonstrate that a thorough understanding of the world and how it works can, indeed, increase our belief, faith, and trust in God.  After all, does understanding the function of an automobile signify that there was no engineer who designed it?

I hope you will enjoy the thoughts presented in this blog and will check back periodically share with friends and family.  May God bless you to understand His works and gain a greater respect and sense of awe for what He has created for you on this Earth.


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