Unlocking the Mystery of Life

I recently watched a video entitled “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” and thought that it fits exactly with the nature of this blog.  It contains some of the most impressive and convincing scientific arguments for Intelligent Design that I have heard.  I highly recommend that you watch the entire video at the following link:


You can also search for “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” in Google and find links to purchase a hard copy if you’re interested.

Here is my brief commentary:

I think that this video was brilliantly done, because it does not rely on a belief in God to support the idea of Intelligent Design.  In fact, I don’t think the word “God” is even used a single time in the video.  They are completely objective and scientific in their approach.  The video focuses on intelligence, and it proposes intelligence as a legitimate, scientific option for the origin of life.  The way that these ideas and concepts are portrayed, I feel that the science stands for itself.

To me science is defined as making accurate and fundamental observations and then drawing logical conclusions from those observations.  The video does an excellent job at doing just that.  They explain the scientific principles simply so that anyone can understand them along with the observations and the conclusions.  It also uses a very scientific school of thought to demonstrate that while evolution and natural selection are real and currently active processes (meaning that Darwin was not completely wrong), they could not be considered as the sole mechanism for creating the incredible diversity of life that we have in our world today.

The video is thorough in objectively presenting and then firmly refuting all the counter-arguments to Intelligent Design.  It shows true science that they present the counter-theories in an unbiased fashion, as a proponent of those theories might explain them.

I love how they quote Darwin’s original words when he first proposed the theory of Evolution.  He is quoted to say that there were ways in which his theory would entirely break down.  I feel that these scientists have shown how the theory does break down, in confirmation of Darwin’s own words.

I believe God is the intelligent designer whom these scientists did not mention.  Biology is not the only realm of science which demonstrates God’s reality, but it is perhaps one of the most convincing due to its complexity and majesty.  As we learn about these scientific principles, they can strengthen our faith in God if we understand them correctly and learn to appreciate their intricacies.